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The first 3D Lightfield Tablet


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i enjoy the effect. i hope the resolution will increase to be built in a tv.
i read about a lightfielddisplay in a car. there are many new things can be done.

Great android pad

I love it !

Great Tablet.

Just started using it…So far so good….Looking forward to exploring more…Keep up the good work...

A must Photographers and Cinematographer

I was a beta tester for the Red Hydrogen 1. That device was not a world changer, but I liked it. It forced me approach my photography and cinematography differently, which in turn improved them both. The new Lume Pad is a huge improvement and takes it even further for me. Being able make 3d content, now even convert my 2d content with Lightfield studio, and view on a tablet sized screen pushes me even more. I still enjoy seeing people’s reaction when they first see what I have made on that screen. For anyone that works in visual arts I would say this is a good buy. It will make you work with depth differently and it’s a good way to show off some of your creative work. Such a nice addition to my home workspace too.

Works as promised

Very impressive 3D rendition. Now what is needed is software to use this great feature to watch videos and even movies. How do we get those?

Hi Peter and thank you for your review.
You can watch 3D videos on LeiaStream app. We are actively working on sourcing 3D movies, stay tuned :)


Exceeded al expectations!


Cool Pad, fast and a good 3D effect. Good quality BUT the software for converting your or others Videos i.e. SIDEBYSIDE-3D-Videos or fotos is much much to slow and not comfortable. I use a free Software to make a sbs-picture from any MPO-file. It has massconverting options. then I rename the new JPEGs to xy_2x1.jpg to watch them on my pad. you guys should better integrate the feature to watch MPO-files. Converting a SBS-video is nearly impossible. or it takes a lot of time! You should add Youtube 3D if possible and I guess it is possible. Anyway I like the pad and I'm a big 3D-fan. I also have 2 3D cameras. One of them is the Insta EVO. I'm not able to watch my own videos with the pad. No options given for VR 180 3D and no options to convert them. Please and more functionality in your software. It's such a great idea. You should also work on your "android-version"..... I hope my critics are fully constructive. If you can't understand my bad English just ask me for more explantions. Thank you and keep on working :) V. Miller from Germany.

Hi Herr Muller and thank you for the feedback.
Pretty much everything you are asking here is in the works, we will support MPO and JPS files very soon in LeiaPlayer, as well as stereo VR 180 and 360. Regarding stereo SBS videos no need to convert with the desktop tool, you can just name them xxx_2x1.mp4 (or xxx_half_2x1.mp4 if half width) and they will play natively in Stereo (ST mode) or in real-time converted 4V (4V mode) in LeiaPlayer. Regarding android customization, have you tried the “immersive background” option yet ?
(this is how:
thank you again for your support and stay tuned for those updates !!

Step into the new ordinary!

Transform the miraculous to the ordinary!

For a few weeks now I have been using Leia's Lume Pad.

It is the most significant 3D technology I have ever seen, because it is the only 3D device that normalizes depth perception. It is a transformation to the ordinary. The 3rd dimension is no longer a gadget!

Let me explain: from red-blue glasses to polarized filters, from holograms to flickering lens television, from "Magic Eye" to VR 3d imaging has always been an "Oh Wow!" gadget. Sure, we've all had fun with it. God knows how much the whole planet adored the "Magic Eye' single image stereograms, and who doesn't love VR with the bulky headsets and immersive experience. But never before have we seen a 3D diplay device that might actually ambush your
attention like a totally normal looking pad or e-phone that gives you a crystal clear, totally realistic fully dimensional display with no gear, no learning curve, no special effort. It's just THERE, perfect an unassuming. Images of your loved ones, your grandkids or your pet turtle have an indescribably greater emotional glow than even the best flat display could ever approach.

A few years from now this we will likely remember our old flat screen devices like we do black and white pics, silent movies or photos you had to rip from the camera and watch develop in one minute, or even worse, bring to the drug store!

In a few years we'll see an old pad and exclaim "Hey, it's flat!" No one will say "Oh, Wow - it's 3D" when they do a selfie. It will be the new ordinary and the "old" ordinary will simply be "How 20th Century!"

So, become an early adopter now and get the "Oh Wow!" buzz when people see your new Lume Pad gadget. Or wait a while and suddenly anyone with a flat screen will become "Ho Hum" and then "How 90's." It is that revolutionary! Flight became ordinary, TV became ordinary, Cell Phones became ordinary. 3D displays are next in line for the transformation from miracle to everyday!

Thomas Baccei
Creator of the "Magic Eye" craze of the '90's .